Last Date of 11th class Admission is 30th July
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Working hours:- The School year begins in April and ends by the end of March.

School Time : 8.30 a.m. to 2.30 p.m.

Office Time : 9.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.

Principal's Time : 9.00 a.m. to 10.00 a.m.

Saturdays are working days with a short session. Second Saturday is usually a holiday.

PTM:- After every Formative Assessment and Summative Assessment Parent Teacher meeting is conducted to improve the quality of every ward. Apart from this Saturday 1.00 p.m. to 1.30, teachers are available for parents.

Rules & Regulations:- Rules and Regulations are intimated to the students through school diary. Violation of rules by the students will be penalized by the school authority along with the discipline committee which will train them to better themselves.

General Rules:

• Parents/guardians are responsible for the safe conduct of the children.

• School authorities are not responsible for the loss of books stationery etc.

• Parents shall check the books and other articles of the child every day.

• For parents-teacher meeting the attendance of parents/guardians is compulsory.

• No fee will be charging for the school leaving certificate. But for all the other certificates a nominal fee of Rs. 10/- is charged and will be given only during office hours.

• Children will not be sent home even in an emergency with anyone who might come for them during school hours without a written request from parent/guardian.

• In case of accidents school will provide only First Aid and other related expenses will be borne by the parents/guardians concerned.

• The school will insist on strict punctuality, regular attendance, cleanliness in person and dress, fidelity to study and assignments.

• The school uniform worn by students must be clean, neatly ironed, shoes polished, finger nails clipped and hair neatly combed. Girls should plait their hair on two sides. A pupil may be sent home for not having personal cleanliness, dirty clothes and shoes after giving a warning in the school diary.

The entrusting of a pupil to the school implies that the parents agreed to abide by the rules and regulation, and policies of the school. They are earnestly requested to read them carefully and help the school authorities to administer the school effectively.


1. Contribution is fixed by the managing committee and is subject to revision, if found necessary. It may be paid in lump sum or in installments. No students will be allowed to sit for final exam unless all dues are fully paid. Parents will kindly keep the receipts and the contribution card issued to them, and produce the card for the next payment. It will not be accepted on holidays. Contribution must be paid even if the pupil has been absent for a period of days.

2. 1st installment - April/July

   2nd installment - September

   3rd installment - November

   4th installment - February


Academic session period:- April to March
Vacation period:- Ma y To June
Admission period:- April and June






Principal , Nirmal Jyoti, Bina